A Winter of Walking Around a Frozen Lake

The series of images known as “Silver Lake in Winter” is now live on the website. Most of these images were made during the winter of 2018-19 at a local lake a couple of miles from my home. Silver Lake is pretty modest as far as lakes go, perhaps a half mile long and not very wide. It’s located on state reservation land owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The reservation itself is pretty well visited, but much less so during the winter. And Silver Lake is located far enough off of the main trails that it’s sort of a pain in the neck to get to, particularly in the winter, when one needs to trudge through the snow or navigate their way across patches of ice, in order to get there. So I spent many a morning walking around Silver Lake without ever seeing another soul. The experience was always a bit lonely and forlorn.

I guess a real artist’s statement about this series would include reasons for making these images. And deep down, I have my suspicions about why I made these images. But I can tell you definitively that winter is far from my favorite season. And it is, more often than not, cold and unforgiving.

And also, I can definitely say from experience that it ‘s not entirely pleasant to try to change a roll of film when one’s fingers are numb from the frigid temperatures.

Here’s to warmer times.